Why It’s Crucial to Honor Your Care for the Earth

Are you like many of us today who are more aware of what we’re not doing to help restore balance on our planet than what we are doing?  I hear often from people who feel more discouragement than hope, more self-condemnation than self-appreciation.  I believe we need to honor the ways we do contribute to Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth in order to encourage ourselves to continue contributing.


Please remember, no one is expected to single-handedly solve our energy problems, pollution, climate change, hunger, ecosystem instability, or anything else.  We’re all in this together, collaborating to turn our civilization in a life-honoring direction.


Each of us always can do more, it’s true, and I uphold your striving.  I’m on that path, too.  Yet whether you do little, loving things to support the Mutual Flourishing transition, or make large and brave contributions, please acknowledge your efforts and the love from which they spring.


By appreciating the ways you contribute and the progress we’re making, your support yourself in staying the course.  We can’t afford to slip into despair right now.  Discouragement only slows us down.  We need all the strength we can muster, and strength is nurtured by hope and love.


On the days when the climate change numbers prod you into despair, when the air in your city is smoggy, the droughts or storms are daunting, or the suffering of other creatures tears at your heart, pause and say these things to yourself.  I say them now to you.


I honor you for your care for our life system on this beautiful Earth.


No one is called to solve our problems alone.  Together with others, you are part of the global movement into healing solutions.


Freely honor your loving contributions to healing the human-Earth relationship and transforming the human presence on the Earth into a harmless, and even a healing, presence.  Even on the days when you see little progress, stand by your commitment to contributing.


Live on the Earth with hope, knowing that as we learn to nurture ourselves and all life forms in harmonious ways, we are slowly but surely building a new type of civilization.


Even on the dark days, together let’s choose hope.  The natural world is resilient.  The human spirit is strong.  We move forward together in harmony.


Share these words with others who may need them, please.

To hope,

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  1. Lisa Hutchison

    Oh yes! Validation is very important. Doing a little something is better than nothing. Often it helps to step back and truly acknowledge all the ways we are helping the earth. Thanks for this hopeful piece.

    1. Post

      Yes, there is a lot to be said for encouraging ourselves by noticing the progress we and others make, rather than only the large amount of problems that remain. Thanks for appreciating this with me, Lisa.

  2. Pamela Thompson

    A thoughtful and heartfelt post Chara! I love your powerful prose at the end! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and for making a real difference in the world. Pam

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