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Welcome.  In our final week of the Healing Earth, Healing Self Forum, we hear from Chonteau McElvin, life coach, herbalist and modern day shaman.   In this audio article Chonteau shares how nature has become a family member for her. Her storytelling is magical and deep as she weaves layers and threads together to show our interconnections with the life community.

You can find Chonteau’s audio below.


Chonteáu Contact

Chonteau says about herself: “I wear many hats but my main reason for being on the planet is to assist in the awakening and remembrance that we are all connected and the time to step into our brilliance is now. In my early 20’s I received a vision and was told by Spirit that I was a teacher and healer of the old ways.  This is when my modern day Shamanic training began.  I completed my formal education as a Social Worker, became a Naturalist and honed my skills as an Energy Worker, Folk Healer and Herbalist.

When I started putting spirituality into action and caring for myself on a regular basis my entire life changed for the better.  I began to uncover wonderful mysteries about myself and explore my deepest desires.  By developing my  inner navigator I charted a new course for my life and now I am living with more confidence, self love and freedom.  Tapping into my inner wisdom and relying on my Spirit for guidance  is not just for when I am going through a rough time, I have learned soul self care is everyday.

It is through my services such as Individual Life Coaching,  Classes, Shamanic Healing Sessions, and Meditations that I share how you can develop all levels of your being; emotional, spiritual, and physical thus, allowing you to remember who you really are.”  Find Chonteau at http://chonteau.com/


I’ll be back with you in a week to tell you about an upcoming telesummit and give you an update on what will happening with Mutual Flourishing for Self and Earth during the winter months.

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