Announcing the Mutual Flourishing Forum

A nest of Northern Cardinal eggs hidden in the bushes

A nest of Northern Cardinal eggs hidden in the bushes


Announcing the Mutual Flourishing Forum: inspiring conversations to help you find your way in your connection to the natural world, your body, and your soul

It’s been several weeks since I’ve written here, and that’s a surprise to me.  As someone who usually has a lot to say, I find myself in an ongoing stage of deep inner development.  At times I have so much to share that I have no idea where to begin, while at other times so much is shifting for me internally that my speaker’s/teacher’s voice is mute. When the time is right, I will share some of what I’ve experienced and how my consciousness has shifted and is continuing to shift.  In brief, I have been healing a long-term Epstein-Barr infection and moving much more deeply into my spiritual growth.  It’s a rewarding adventure that isn’t yet complete.  I find myself feeling like the nested eggs pictured here, still growing internally and not quite at the point of hatching into the next stage.

I have two offerings for you this summer: the Mutual Flourishing Forum and a few openings for Flower Essence Consultations.

Starting in the next week weeks, the Mutual Flourishing Forum will bring you conversations with others who deeply engage in making nature connection a part of their service to themselves and the world.  We’ll go into deep and intimate territory in these conversations.  I feel many of us are ready to be more open about what is shifting for us in our spirituality and our connections to planet Earth.  Watch for upcoming announcements of the first interview!

Do you feel called to support your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being via flower essences?  I am offering consultations to 4 people during the summer months.  Together we will explore you needs and I will then discern the flower or tree essences that can enhance your healing, empowerment, inner development, or service to the world.  Please click here to learn more.  Flower essences are potent yet gentle energy medicine and can enable profound shifts and forward movement.  It’s my honor to be a connecting point between you and what the flowers and trees offer to us.


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